Margaret's Garden Journal for July 2017

Pears growing in blackcurrant bed

When we first came to this house in 1967 there were four pear trees in four va varities in the side garden two of which two were far taller than the house. They fruited prolifically but the fruit was very difficult to pick as the branches were well out of reach. In the seventies my husband cut them down so as to provide ball game space for our teenage children. Sporadically ver the past twenty years i have planted several pear trees. All the earlier ones suffered from gall midge, dropped their fruit and eventually died. The ones that survived developed extreme cases of lef blister mite.

This year for the first time two of the pear trees that I must have had at least ten years have some healthy fruit. There are still sighns of blister mite but it is not nearly as bad as it has been. Now all I have to do is protect the pears from wasps and birds.

During the recent extra hot, dry and windy weather, the mirabelle plum tree which had set prolically droped about 75% of its fruit whiole still at the hard green stage. It still has more fruit left than it ever has before. I am intrigued by the second self sown plum seedling to fruit. It has fruited for the first time this year and in great quantity with plums of a different shape to the first self sown seedling. The first seedling has friuit about the size of a grape with an intense golden colour when ripe. The flesh, however, is very bland but definitely on the sweet side.