Margaret's Garden Journal for September 2017

David Howard dahlia with fuschia Thalia and self-seeded nasturtiums

Last year' plan for planting the bed bordering the car-standing space, with six each of fuchsia Thalia and Dahlia David Howard plus three dark red cacti dahlia has worked well, although the crimson dahlias have been rather lost in David Howard's luxuriant foliage. I wish there was a crimson dahlia as sturdy as David Howard. In addition to the initial plan I planted yellow and orange nasturtiums dug out of the back garden where they appeared as unwanted seedlings.

Much of the work this month has been done in the front garden. I bought a ton of pebbles and Alan spread them over the centre right-hand path in the front garden.
He also, however, did a major job in the back garden, covering the edge of the pond and the protruding waterproof pond liner with the left-over mattered fibre pond underlay. The liner dips into the pond at least six inches and I am hoping capillary action will allow water to seep into the surrounding soil giving me an area soggy enough for pond marginals. With so much more overlay sunk into the water I hope it will deter badgers from pulling the material up as they did when the overlay was much shorter.