Margaret's Garden Journal for October 2017
passion flower

The passion flower at the end of October

The dahlias in the front garden looked good throughout the month. Although we have had some near misses with frost the average temperature has been high for October. The tomaoes did well after and so did JoanneJ raspberries. Runner beans have been the big disappointment. They finished last month and October is usually the time they do best. The rhubarb I have had for four years and did very little went mad this year. I kept having to cut off stems so I could use the path. On the other hand, of the ten bare-rooted rhubarb chunks I planrted last autumn only four showed leaves in spring and three of those died off during the summer the summer. Makes me wonder if the lone surviver will make it through the winter.

Autun raspberries have kept going for my breakfasts.