Margaret's Garden Journal for the year 1999

Welcome to my first Garden journal.


About my Garden Journals

In 1998 when I embarked on my first web page most internet users had monitors with a screen resolution of 600 by 480 and connected to their ISP through a 56k dial up modem. In those days you paid 350 for a digital camera with a resolution of a mere 350k and experts opined that digital photograohy was a passing fad that would never take the place of 'real' cameras. I was lucky enough to have a son who was still an affluent batchelor. He bought me a digital camera for my 65th birthday


The aim of most creators of what we then called new media seemed to be to swing objects on, across and off the screen in as many directions and as often as possibe. I succumbed to peer pressure in August 1999 and inserted a scrolling banner. in October I inserted a rotating set of dahlia photos. I came to my senses the next year and realised text and still pictures were more appropriate to a garden journal and have kept moving stuff out of later pages.


Navigation was another area of experimentation. My son had a bee in his bonnet about making each screen looking like a tabbed file page. I wasted many hours with frames for navbars and javascript getting tabs to change colour. As a result I received constant complaints from people whose computers had high security that my pages didn't work .


In these days when one can be a little more extravagant with memory use, I have swept away complicated programming and frames and created a fresh navbar for each page with the help of css. (I had never heard of css in 1999).


Apart from the navigation though, most of the early journal pages with their quaint, currently deprecated forms of html are still 'as created.' I suspect I shall be forced to rewrite before long if they are to remain readable!