This month I tried something new with the journal, a literary guest garden page. I hoped to make this a regular feature.The guest pages were the inspiration for The Collaborative Garden
This first guest page is a poem about spring in her garden by Siobhan Logan

Margaret Penfold's Garden Journal forApril 2002

Spring has been early in the western hemisphere this year,


May is usually the month when most of my garden turns blue but this year it was April. However this picture is the one that sums up the month for me.


We had about a fortnight without rain and although we had some glorious days we had some cold, windy ones too which parched the ground, Even on warm days we suffered frosts at night so the lawn hardly needed cutting for a fortnight and vegetables tended to stand still. The vegetable garden is looking a lot tidier this year, though, thanks mainly to the use of the freebie chippings I put on the paths earlier.