Margaret's Journal for June 2002

Monthly viewpoint picture
the garen in June 2002



overgrown pond

Tragedy struck this month and it was all my own fault. As you can see from the picture I allowed plants to overtake the pond. As a result there was not enough oxygen for the two remaining koi and one morning I found their corpes floating on what little of the surface could be seen
The lack of oxygen does not seem to have affected the frogs, newts and tadpoles. I will allow the plants to stay there until the mass of yellow disappears and then I will clear them out and probably stock a few goldfish which, I am told, are a lot less fussy about their environment

Another minor tragedy - my camera card burnt out towards the end of the month destroying the photographs I had taken I had been taking at intervals. However I can tell you that, as usual for June, the dominant colour was yellow, thanks to the pond and the poached egg plant.

Although we have had some warm daytime temperatures, most nights have descended to well below 10C, so summer flowering perennials have made a slow start. A number of dahlias , however, are already flowering. and I am rather taken by some of the Bishop of Llandaff's seedlings

Busy Lizzies left from last year

Something else I am pleased with - these Busy Lizzies left over from last year. They looked dead in the winter but rejuvenated in May and not only flowered themselves but produced several self-sown seedlings which I have potted on

Harvested Arran pilot potatoes mangetout peas, Early Forward peas, lettuces, Japanese onions and broadbeans this month