August 2002

August's viewpoint picture
The backbone for August is, as usual, the orange crocosmia that look like giant montbretia. This year I put in a number of "Lucifer" to keep it company but the orange crocosmia came earlier and lasted longer.
More August pictures
This year's disasters have been the greenhouse peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes and the courgettes. In the greenhouse the peppers collapsed after setting a goodly supply of fruit. I picked those that were large enough to save and threw the plants away. The cucumbers wilted off before any fruit was large enough to pick and the tomatoes have looked as if they have never been watered, The fruit set badly and ripened while quite small. Red spite mite and blight are not to blame. The courgettes developed split stems at the base even before I planted them out. The only common factor to these plants has been that I fed them all at some stage with Alan Titchmarsh's organic tomato fertiliser. Next year I will go back to tomorite. The Victoria plum has done really well in quantity although the fruit has not been as sweet as last year. The cooking apples have done really well but the eating apples have been disappointing, small fruit and leaves that have turned very brown with thread marking all over them. The pears have pit marks.