Margaret's Garden Journal for February 2008

Donna sa Maria

I escaped from Wigston to a guesthouse in Southern Goa for the first fortnight in February

The weather was mild in England for the first week I was away and flowers came into to bloom but when I returned on the 18th we were suffering the coldest snap this winter. Daffodils, primroses crocuses and broad beans lay limp on the ground. The pond was covered in thick ice A week later though the air warmed and blooms recovered, broad beans stood tall with tete-a-tete and dark purple crocuses providing a mass of colour. Even aubretia came into bloom while snowdrops still flourished.

The water in the pond is clear now but the melting ice revealed more two more dead frogs

My son , daughter-in-law and baby twins came over from Ireland on 20th and I had a big family party for my 75 birthday on 22nd so I delayed seed planting for yet another week.

To do this month
1. Prune autumn raspberries and feed all raspberries
2. Shred wooody prunings and add to paths
3. Water indoor plants, remove dead leaves.
4. Buy and Chit potatoes
5. Weed! Weed! Weed! broadbeans
7. Sow brassica and dahlia seeds
Later Comments
2. Was given sacks of shreddings by my second grandaughter
3. The avocado suffered under the weight of jasmine.
7. Not done