Margaret's Garden Journal for March 2008

front garden
The daffodils have been magnificent this year and by the middle of March the aubretia was in full flower, showing a wall of purple to passers-by.

Chris cut the pampas grass down again and this time managed to reach ground level. Once again I have covered the bare spot with containers but confidently expect new growth and a fountain of green by winter. I am not worried if I get no plumes this year.

This month has been cold and wet. In the brief periods of sunshine that interspersed flurries of snow on Easter Day the great-grandchildren still managed to complete their garden Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately I was so busy organising the hunt I forgot to bring out my camera.

To do this month
1. Feed roses
2. Feed veg
3. Plant potatoes
4. Hoe
5.Support plants where necesary
6.Divide snowdrops
7. Sow most seeds

Later Comments
1. Fed with Growmore
2. Not yet done
3. Haven't even bought seed potatoes
4.Have done some hoeing but still not enough!
5. Haven't yet Supported the broad beans and they are sulking.
6. Divided a few snowdrops. Need to put more in front
7. Sowed beetroot (Detroit), Romanesco (old seed), dalias (own seed), tomatoes (5 varieties, lettuces (an iceberg type and a mini cos, chard . The whitefly have attacked again).