Margaret's Garden Journal for June 2008

A good red poppy

  If last year's June was the wettest on record, this must be the windiest. The wind blew strongly most days and the nights were cold. We even had a touch of frost in the middle of the month which burnt the foliage of one of the tender fuscias, Thalia soon after I put it outside. In between the galed though we have enjoyed some pleasant warm spells.

The summer jasmine I planted to go over the arch providing an openingfrom the top part of the back garden to the vegetable plots aaat the rear has gone mad and looks as if it is intent on becoming the only element on the hedge fividing the two areas. It looks as if it has killed the clematis, Jackmanii, on one side of the arch and is now strangling the clematis plants on the other side.

To do this month
1. sow beet
2. plant out leeks
3. Plant out runner beans, courgettes, pumpkins
4. Plant out tomatoes
5.Plant out annuals
6.Clear forget-me-nots
7. Plant out dahlias
Later Comments
1. Must plant more!
2. Leek seedlings are waiting in deep pots
3. Done.
4. Done. A mixture of tomatoes
5. Done Surfinias, lobelia, Surviving aodragons from last year flowering well
6. Done
7. Ones left in ground have come up. Had left overs from Len