Margaret's Garden Journal for July 2008

a small corner of the front garden with a white penstemon, regal lily and pinks
"A small corner of the front garden with a white penstemon, regal lily and pinks

Lilies flowered at the beginning of the month but needed staking as we are still experiencing strong gusts of wind. Foliage of dahlias, crocodmia and gladili cover soil left bare after the great forget-me-not cull. Two dalia plants were in flower by the second week of the month. Penstemons and evening primrose added colour.

The carrots I sowed in June have come through far better than the Aprol sowing. The soft fruit is doing well again although the strawberried finished eatly in July. The unpruned shoots of the autumn raspberries gave fruit before the summer variet, The tayberry set more fruit than last year and are sweeter than the loganberries which began to ripen by the second week. The broad beans set better than last year and have produced pods higher up this year as well as he first flush near the ground. Many of the pods of the early pea plants given to me by Mark yielded 12 peas, but he can't remember the name of the variety.

lilies with dalia foliage
In the back garden lilies with foliage of 'The Bishop of Llandaff
the fuschia Thalia
Thalia surrounded by fallen eucalyptus leaves


To do this month
1. Deadhead roses
2. Clear early potatoes and replant with leeks
3. Sow last peas, beetroot carrots
4. Water water water
5. Cut aubretia back
6. Collect aquilegia seeds
7. Cut back shrubs
Later Comments
1. Fallen petals of Buff Beauty filled a barrow!
4. The wind dried the ground so I watered well
5. Did most in June
6. Not ripe yet
7. A mammoth task again this year