Margaret's Garden Journal for 2012


About the year 2012

2012 was a difficult year for me. I came out of hospital after a hip replacement and what with icy conditions didn't get as far as the bottom of the garden for two months and wasn't able to dig until March. The Spring show was good, despite a drought which was followed by the wettest summer and autumnn on record. My apples bucked the national trend by being prolific and storing well. I didn't finish the eating apples until February 2013 and the cooking apples went on even longer. The pigeons continued to make it not worthwhile to grow brassicas. Leeks continued to be the most reliable vegetable. At the end of the year I gave in to neighbour's nagging and had the leylandii aand elder bushes felled at the bottom of the garden. I also had one huge branch cut from an ash tree to please a neighbour who hadn't nagged at me. Another neighbour wanted me to cut in half the birch which gives me so much pleasure when it lights up in the glow of the setting sun. I promised to look at the situation next year. I finished the year with most of the back garden hidden under branches that need cutting up and chipping.